Our Rates

We pride ourselves on a reasonable and competitive pricing, based on our daily, half-day and hourly rates, ensuring excellent value for your money.

Visit to quote: Most of our services start with a no obligation visit to your property by appointment, where we can discuss your project / ideas, survey the premises and answer any questions you may have at this stage. Based on this you will receive a detailed fixed quotation for completing the job.

For any smaller jobs you might need completing, you can book our services on a daily, half-day or hourly rate (for handyman, plumbing and electrical services only).

Valid from 1 January 2021:

DIY/ General handyman services:

Up to 2 hours (min. charge)                     £60

Half day rate                                             £90

Day rate (8 hours)                                  £150

Plumbing and electrical services

Up to 2 hours (min. charge)                    £60

Thereafter                                        + £30/hr

Interior Painting & Decorating services

Day rate (8 hours)                                           £150

Half day rate                                            £90

Extra hours on top of day rates       + £20/hr

Carpentry, plastering and tiling services

Day rate (8 hours)                                  £160

Half day rate                                            £90

Extra hours on top of day rates       + £20/hr

Terms of Service - summary

*No Call-out fees, hidden costs or VAT

*Materials supplied are charged per retailer's prices + £20 delivery charge.

*For smaller jobs (up to 5 days) payment due upon completion. 

*Parking and Congestion charge zone charges arranged by the customer

Full Terms and Conditions of Trade